Australian Organs

Welcome to Australian Organs, a digital catalog crafted by me, James Flores, to promote the history of organs across Australia.

This initiative brings together detailed data from the Organ Historical Trust of Australia (OHTA), Organ Music Society of Sydney (OMSS) and the Organ Society of Western Australia (OSWA) into a user-friendly platform that combines intuitive search functionalities with interactive maps.

As an organist and IT professional, my goal is to foster a vibrant community where users can contribute their own insights and experiences to each organ's profile. Future features will include personalised bookmarking of favourite organs and a user contributed section to each organ. This enables up-to-date information on things like access, condition and anything else of relevance.

For suggestions, corrections and any other information, please contact me at [email protected]

Now, go on and enjoy exploring all the organs on Australian Organs 🇦🇺

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Search the database of organs just like you would do a Google search. Easily locate the organ you're looking for, or, browse all the organs in our database.

Organ Map
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The Google map you've always wanted—with pins for every organ in Australia. Browse by dragging the map around and click on a pin to view more details on the organ.